Welcome to Gagging Bitch

Welcome to Gagging Bitch

This website is dedicated to finding the best brutal deep throat porn possible. I will be sharing with you my favorite picture galleries and porn videos right here for your viewing pleasure.

You will be enjoying the most extreme tonsils bashing action imaginable. For starters check out this video featuring Belle Knox courtesy of FaceFucking.com

My name is Kim and I am a huge fan of throatjobs, I love to look at pictures of women gagging on cock and I love to see women get their throats dominated by a big hard cock. In my personal life I have had plenty of experience chugging down hard dicks, it’s a passion and I want to share it with you!

Deep throat is also known as face fucking or throat fucking it is a sexual act where the man puts his entire erect penis into a woman’s mouth and down the back of her throat. It is difficult for most women because of the body’s natural gag reflex.

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