Gagging Bitch

Yesenia Sparkles Gets Her Throat & Ass Ripped Up With Two Dicks

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Yesenia Sparkles doesn’t seem to know how brutal things at can get. She seems pretty naïve to the fact. As soon as Bootleg and Pauly Harker start jamming their huge tools down the back of her throat and she starts gagging things get real, real fast! She struggles to accommodate the large tools but she has no option but to just take it.

Things get so rough on her throat that eventually she pukes up. Her eyes are popping out of her skull, tears are rolling down her cheeks, and I’m surprised she doesn’t tap out. After more ruthless skull fucks from various angles her other holes are ripped up. Yep she gets her ass and pussy slammed hard in the form of a double penetration. Finally she gets her face coated in two thick wads of cum.

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